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La Bottega Magica: L’ebanista

La Bottega Magica: L’ebanista

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Let’s go on browsing the many excellences of our Todi!

This time we are walking down Via della Maleretta, a steep alleyway along the main Via Santa Prassede. In a small, but bright room looking over a nice internal courtyard, we meet Mr. Mario Battistoni, one of the most expert wood worker in town…even if it would be reductive to call him just”wood worker”.


Mario is working as a cabinet maker from over 40 years.

When he was a teenager, he went to school in the morning ( a trade school ) and to the Artigianelli Institute at night: this was a local school founded after the end of World War II by a priest (Luigi Crispolti) who aimed to teach crafts to young guys, giving them the opportunity of working and earning soon after the high school.




For a while he worked at the Todi’s Artisanal Furniture Store until he opened his own workshop in Todi at the beginning of the 80’s; he was an expert cabinet maker but due to the Italian economic crisis/bad economy, he was forced to jumo into the restoration of ancient wooden furniture.



Mario is unfortunately another example of the disappearing of traditional crafts, because young don’t like and don’t feel like learning such an art any longer; it’s not only hard, but also tiring. Long days spent in your workshop, creating something amazing, but earning just a little.

I do believe that we, as citizens of Todi and Todi lovers, might support these local artisans, buying their creations instead of driving to Rome and shopping at IKEA! Would you compare the quality of the products?!? I don’t think so…

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