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Virtual Tour of the Painted House

Virtual Tour of the Painted House

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For the ages, we are still locked down due to Covid-19… !

In this unthinkable situation, the Comune of Todi is arranging some virtual, cultural conferences and tours in order to bring “culture at home”.

Last week I had the pleasure of cooperating with this project,  virtually touring in the Painted House in Todi!

Barbara and Brian at home

The owners of the house, Brian O’Doherty and his wife, Barbara Novak, are presently over ninety years old. They are based in NYC, but they can’t get enough of their small house in Todi: they come back at least once a year to their “place of the heart”.


Want to learn more? CLICK HERE to watch the video on the official Facebook page of the Comune di Todi! The video is in Italian and English


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