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Take a dive back in time!

Take a dive back in time!

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There is a very famous group of historical archers in Todi, founded almost 10 years ago. Its name is ARCUS TUDER (Arcus ,bow, and Tuder, Todi)



Official coat of arms of Arcus Tuder

This a pic of the Arcus Tuder group taken at the end of the last medieval event in Todi:


Since 2009 the Arcus Tuder Archery Group is organizing an historical archery tournament in medieval style, named “Todi la città degli arcieri” (Todi, the city of archers): the event takes usually place at the end of March, with about 300 archers coming from all Italy, joining the tournament, and arriving to Todi with their bows, arrows and typical costumes.




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On next March 25-26, come to Todi, and you will also find TIPICO TODI MARKET, guided tours, medieval dancers, historical flag wavers and much more!



IMG 1504


IMG 1481





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