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Montefalco, Bevagna and the wine road

Montefalco, Bevagna and the wine road

About 35 minutes’ drive from Todi, crossing the lush Umbrian countryside with its vineyards and olive groves, you will find Montefalco.

On the way to Montefalco

It is a small but amazing medieval village, perched on top of a hill and overlooking the entire southern Umbrian Valley; Montefalco is justly nicknamed “the balcony of Umbria.”

Montefalco 1080x640
View of Montefalco, Photo credits

Narrow and twisted alleyways lead you to the main square and to the City Museum; the historical center is rich not only in art and history, but also in great wine!

Piazza del Comune, detail

The Sagrantino wine produced in Montefalco is considered among the best red wines in Italy. Those with enough time in the region enjoy pairing Elisa’s walking tour with a wine & food tasting excursion somewhere in the city center or in one of the many wineries scattered all around in the countryside.

Wine shop along the corso

About 7 miles from Montefalco, in  the Southern Umbrian Valley, laid Bevagna, a former important Roman colony located along the Via Flaminia.

bevagna g3
Piazza Silvestri
Photo credits

Not to be missed the two amazing Romanesque churches of San Michele Arcangelo and San Silvestro, the elegant main square and the old city fountains. Bevagna is renowned throughout the world thanks to the Medieval Festival named Gaite and taking place each year in June; traditional market, artisans workshops, medieval taverns and entertainments.

Medieval Festival “Gaite”
Photo credits

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