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Classic Tour & special itineraries

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Spend some time with Elisa, a native of Todi, exploring the monuments and hidden treasures of this ancient town. Customized to your schedule and goals, the classic tour includes:

  • Piazza del Popolo. This inviting public square has been in use since before Roman times. It is one of the largest Medieval spaces in Italy, and is still used for a variety of performances and events.
  • Municipal Buildings. Citizens of Todi and its outskirts have walked up their steps for over 800 years to manage their affairs. Elisa will detail their current appearance and prior uses from the exterior.
  • Duomo of S. Maria Annunziata. Built on Roman foundations, the current church dates to the 13th century. You won’t want to miss the crucifix (late 13th century) and the grand fresco depicting The Last Judgment (late 16th century). Elisa will explain the church’s architectural development.
  • Basilica of San Fortunato. Dedicated to Todi’s patron Saint Fortunatus, this prominent church has many hidden elements tied to local history and rivalries with neighboring towns. Elisa will recount some of the peculiarities of the construction and monuments, including Jacopone da Todi’s burial.
  • Highways and Byways of Todi. Elisa will take you on a scenic route, stopping at Jacopone da Todi’s monument, the Fonte Cesia fountain, Oberdan Gardens, Piazza Garibaldi and other beautiful spots. If you’re lucky, you’ll see our local violin-maker in action and see artists in their workshops. Regardless, you will feel the fascination of the ancient alleyways and streets and have the chance to take breathtaking photos!

Rates: €120 fixed fee for up to 10 people; for larger groups, contact Elisa for a customized price.


Special Itineraries


Any special itinerary can be added to the Classic Tour. If desired, some can be added with minimal or no additional time commitment.


Special Itinerary #1: Bishop’s Palace/Nunziatina Church

The Bishop’s Palace and the Nunziatina Church, normally closed to visitors, have spectacular frescoes. Entrance fee €4 per person.


Special Itinerary #2: Palazzo Pongelli

A visit to this privately held palazzo will let you see the reputed location of Jacopone da Todi’s house, the only life-cycle frescoes of this important personage, and gorgeous interior spaces. The garden is also a major feature of the visit; it may be possible to book aperitifs or a light lunch in this panoramic location if desired. Fixed fee of €100 for up to 10 people. Larger groups, contact Elisa for special pricing.


Special Itinerary #3: The Painted House by Brian O’Doherty (aka Patrick Ireland)

For an astonishing change of pace, visit the Painted House. The Medieval dwelling has been converted by the renowned artist Brian O’Doherty into a completely different experience. As much philosophy as art, Elisa’s long friendship with O’Doherty allows her to explain the property on a very detailed level, as well as to place it in the context of Todi’s history. Flat entry fee of €30 for up to 6 people; additional guests €3 each.


Special Itinerary #4: Church of Santa Maria della Consolazione

This basilica is among the most important and beautiful Renaissance churches in Italy; built between 1508 and 1607, its architecture is attributed to Donato Bramante. Let Elisa explain the miracles that prompted the town to work together to build this monument to faith that is still used today. Seen in award-winning photographs and on Wikilovesmonuments, any tourist to the area should experience this building and its history. No additional fee for this itinerary.


About Elisa Picchiotti: Elisa is a native of Todi, and grew up exploring all of its winding streets and alleys. Her love for her birthplace shines through in all of her tours, and her long-time personal connections give her clients unparalleled access to the most fascinating sights in the area.


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