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Discovering Jacopone da Todi

Discovering Jacopone da Todi

jacopone da todi

Many people visiting Todi don’t expect to find out that our town is the hometown of one of the most famous and important Italian poets; Jacopone da Todi.

Jacopone was born in Todi around 1230, he joined the Franciscan order when he was 48, and he is considered among the fathers and founders of our modern Italian language and literature.

For instance, the well-known poem STABAT MATER was written by Jacopone and then put to music by more than 400 composers from all over the world. Among the most famous ones, I can mention Pergolesi, Verdi, Dvorak, Kodaly, Rossini, Palestrina.



“Jacopone da Todi, the first great Italian religious poet, is also one of the most interesting and significant figures in the early history of the Franciscan Order.” This is the incipit of a great book about Jacopone, written by the English writer Evelyn Underhill (1875-1941).


I thought about this tour because I am a big fan of Jacopone; I definitely love his poems, called Laude, his mysticism, his love for life and his strength to face all the troubles of everyday life.  Believe me; at the end of the tour, you will love and appreciate him like I do. I will take you around through the amazing historical centre of Todi, and let you visit not only many of Todi’s major monuments but also hidden places off-the-beaten-path while learning more about our beloved fellow citizen, Jacopone.

Jacopone’s itinerary with Elisa:

Monument dedicated to Jacopone da Todi

Basilica of San Fortunato and tomb of Jacopone

Nunziatina Church and a portrait of Jacopone by Andrea Polinori (XVII century)

Church of San Silvestro and the oldest portrait of Jacopone by an anonymous painter (XIV century)

Pongelli Palace and the only cycle of frescoes about the life of Jacopone (XVI century)

RATES up to 10 people: € 220, including 3 hours of guided visit and the entrance fee to the Pongelli Palace. The price doesn’t include the entrance ticket to the Nunziatina church (€2 per person to be paid on the spot)


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