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La Bottega Magica: L’ebanista

Let’s go on browsing the many excellences of our Todi! This time we are walking down Via della Maleretta, a steep alleyway along the main Via Santa Prassede. In a small, but bright room looking over a nice internal courtyard, we meet Mr. Mario Battistoni, one of the most expert wood worker in town…even if […]

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Once upon a time in Todi, a shoemaker…

In the Middle Ages, solemn processions took place very often in medieval towns to celebrate important events; both religious and political authorities paraded through the streets of the city center which were usually embellished with flags and banners. Among the most important people parading were the Priori, the representatives of the Guilds: the Priori of […]

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Todi with children

What to do in Todi with children?!? Nice question! I have been asked very often by tourists – both Italian and foreigners – for information about “nice places” to go with kids in Todi and its surroundings. Well, first of all I can mention the 2 major city parks: 1) The Rocca Park, directly in […]

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Take a dive back in time!

There is a very famous group of historical archers in Todi, founded almost 10 years ago. Its name is ARCUS TUDER (Arcus ,bow, and Tuder, Todi)   Official coat of arms of Arcus Tuder This a pic of the Arcus Tuder group taken at the end of the last medieval event in Todi: Since 2009 the […]

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The agony and the ecstasy in Todi

You probably don’t know, and can’t even imagine, that in 1965 Todi had been chosen as a set for a film directed by Carol Reed! The film is “The Agony and the Ecstasy”: the movie is based on the novel by Irving Stone, depicting Michelangelo Buonarroti’s life while he was painting the ceiling of the […]

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