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Brian and Barbara back to the House!

Brian and Barbara back to the House!

casa dipinta

After 2 long years, we had the pleasure to welcome back Brian O’Doherty, aka Patrick Ireland, and his lovely wife Barbara Novak to Todi and to their beloved Painted House!

Brian is definitely one of the most important painters in the world and in 1975 he bought a small, old house in the very heart of Todi. In 1977 he started to paint in it and every year, when they come to Todi from their house in New York City, he adds something more … so the house is still a work in progress!!!


casa dipinta

On September 5th, 2015, we have organised a welcome party for Brian and Barbara, with the big help of the students of High School Jacopone da Todi, of their art professor Mrs. Paola Rondolini, and the school’s dean Mr. Sergio Guarente.

We played and sang, celebrated and moved in the High School’s Big Room…so happy to have them here again! 

Enjoy the party with us, by watching this video!

Contact us to book your Guided Tours in The Painted House! The house has been inclued among the Umbria’s modern art works worths visit.

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