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Todi with children

Todi with children

What to do in Todi with children?!? Nice question!

I have been asked very often by tourists – both Italian and foreigners – for information about “nice places” to go with kids in Todi and its surroundings.

Well, first of all I can mention the 2 major city parks:

1) The Rocca Park, directly in the historic center, a few steps from San Fortunato church, with a children’s playground.

2) Portafratta Park, with a playground smaller than the Rocca one and located a few steps from the Portafratta Gate and the Cocchi school.

Parco della Rocca

The Rocca Park

Last year, at end of September, I was invited….



… by a very good friend of mine to join him and some other families for a Sunday trip and a barbeque at “animal park” in Collevalenza, about 7km from Todi.

I had already heard something about this place, but never been there before. Well, it definitely was a great surprise!!!

On the park’s brochure you can read “This park was born thanks to the love of a child for animals: the love of this child became his reason of life”.

The name of the child was Leonardo Boccanera and the name of his dream is LEO WILD PARK.

Leo wild park Todi

A big green area with a central lake and a nice path all around it, and animals animals animals everywhere! Zebras, ostrichs, donkeys, different species of birds, horses, sheeps, goats, dromedaries, llamas… and no cages, just fenced areas!

Leo wild park Todi

Leo wild park Todi

Leo wild park Todi

Leo wild park Todi

Leo wild park Todi


Before having the walk through the park, we fired up the barbeque and roasted sausages, pork chops and ribs and some vegetables. We had lunch all together – 5 families with lots of hungry kids – and then we enjoyed the nature and the peace of LEO WILD PARK.

Leo wild park Todi

Leo wild park Todi

Leo wild park Todi

Some INFO:

-The park is open on Sunday from spring to autumn (no need of reservation) €5 per person

-Upon reservation, the park can be opened every day with a flat rate of €50 (up to 10 people)

-There is the possibility of fishing from 9:30 to sunset

-Free use of the barbeque: you just need to bring your favorite food and come just a bit earlier to occupy the place.

-An area of the park may be reserved to celebrate birthdays and other events

How to get there:

Coming from the motorway E45: Todi San Damiano exit and follow the signs to Collevalenza and Relais Todini/Leo Wild Park

Coming from Todi: follow the signs to Collevalenza and Relais Todini/Leo Wild Park

More info and booking 329-5662501 or 329-5371584




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